Woman leaves dogs in home without food or water

Monday, December 31, 2018

COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ga. (WRWD/WAGT) – According to the Columbia County Sheriff’s office, a woman has been arrested for several counts of cruelty to animals.

35-year-old Angela Minestra was arrested and charged with eight counts of cruelty to animals.

Minestra allegedly left eight dogs inside of her home without food or water.

A neighbor discovered the dogs because they were barking loudly. When the neighbor went to investigate, he found five dogs without food or water.

The neighbor along with a kid from the neighborhood also discovered the front door was open. When they walked through the door, they found one dog dead on the floor.

The neighbor and his wife went to buy food and water for the dogs they found.

Once the authorities arrived, they discovered a dog locked in a bathroom and another dog locked in a bedroom.

Officials say that the house appeared to be abandoned. Animal Control stated they had been to the house previously and issued warnings but they were taken off of the door.

The neighbor told officials that Minestra had been away from the home for several days.

Minestra was also charged with violating her parole.

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