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If anything good can be said about the bad things that have happened this year, it is that tough times really do bring out the best in some people. One of those folks is Danny Lewis, a Kiwanis Club member and Manna Ministries volunteer. It was Don Ash, the director of Manna Ministries who told the American Press about Danny, adding that Danny doesn’t do it for the recognition but he deserves some.

“I go to Albertson’s twice a week and Kroger’s five days a week and pick up items from the bakery department, breads, sweets. On Monday’s and Thursdays I leave some of the bread at Water’s Edge for the homeless.”

Lewis also delivers to a men and women’s shelter.

“Usually I have enough that I go down to Abraham’s Tent and  leave some there. McNeese just started its food pantry again, so I’ll be delivering there as well.”

When Lewis moved back to Lake Charles, he began attending St. Luke Simpson, saying Don Ash recruited him, first into the Sunday School department and then into Manna Ministries.

“I’m retired, not a big hunter or fisher,” he said. “I guess I grew up wanting to help people. When you start helping people, you realize just how many people need help. Someone’s got to do it. It might as well be me. I think it is Albertson’s and Kroger’s, especially the bakery departments in those stores, that deserve to be recognized.”

Kroger on Country Club has run several promotions encouraging customers to purchase products that were donated  to the needy.

“Now it’s a bag of food, however, in the past 6 months I brought around 700 dozen cupcakes (in 6 packs and 12 packs) to Lake Charles Firemen, Lake Charles City Police, Sheriff departments both in Calcasieu and Cameron Parish, 5 local elementary schools, a school in Grand Lake, men’s and women shelters, Abraham’s Tent and others. I delivered almost the same amount of pies to these same entities and others. I think this shows how the people in our community step up to help their neighbors in need and to recognize those who keep us safe.”

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