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This is the first article we have written about Donald Trump since May 12.

It’s amazing what taking away a man’s Twitter and Facebook accounts can do.

Oh, and losing an election.

Truth be told, what happened yesterday at the White House will probably hurt Trump almost as much as being beaten by President Joe Biden last November.

The former president has always spoken highly of NFL superstar Tom Brady, and called him a friend, but we can probably expect some sort of scathing statement released by Trump after yesterday’s events.

In a nutshell, reports The Guardian, 43-year-old Brady took the piss out of Trump’s election fraud claims as his team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, celebrated their Super Bowl victory at the White House:

Brady took to the lectern and joked about Trump’s baseless claims of voter fraud, which have convinced many Republicans that Biden did not win the election, and his description of Biden as ‘Sleepy Joe’, without mentioning Trump by name.

He didn’t have to:

The team then gave Biden a Tampa Bay jersey emblazoned with the number 46, as Biden is the 46th president.

It’s also worth noting that when the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl in 2019, with Brady at the helm, they chose not to attend the White House.

The cut is deep:

You can dig more into why this will sting so much below:

Of course, there are those who are trying to spin this to say that Brady is not taking the piss out of Trump.

In response, I would point them in the direction of Breitbart, a far-right website, which said “Brady stabbed Donald Trump in the back and mocked MAGA voters during a visit to Joe Biden’s White House. This is quite an about-face from Brady’s years of pretending to be Trump’s friend.”

They then outlined five times Brady called Trump a friend, before finishing with “now Brady is out there cozying up to Joe Biden and mocking Trump and his voters”.

Hopefully, that’s the final time I will ever have to quote Breitbart, but that site isn’t trying to spin this, just take the L and move on.


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