‘The Plot Against America’ Episode 2: Election scenes ‘eerily similar’ to Trump’s victory in 2016, say fans

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Things have taken a turn for the worse in ‘The Plot Against America’. Charles Lindbergh defeats Franklin D Roosevelt in the 1940 elections and only a few know what this means. At the beginning of the episode, prior to the victory, Herman Levin (Morgan Spector) is highly optimistic that Lindbergh can’t win, he’s sure that people will see through the airport arrivals and the seemingly rousing speeches. However, others are not so sure and some from his family are captivated by Lindbergh, including his elder son Sandy (Caleb Malis), who can’t stop drawing pictures of him. In the last few minutes of the episode, Levin is seen listening to the news and with a growing dread realizes that life as he knows it, is over. The ending words from Lindbergh are, “We have taken America back.” 

Lindbergh was known for being a Nazi sympathizer and his ‘America first’ policy. On watching the events on television, fans of the show, drew uneasy parallels to the 2016 election when Donald Trump became president of the United States of America and how his promise of ‘taking America back’ seemed like an eerie reminder of the past.


One fan tweeted, “I’m here to kill Nazis” – Alvin #ThePlotAgainstAmerica #WWII Paper ballots, elections, primaries, irony?”

Another wrote, “#ThePlotAgainstAmerica ,though set in the 1940’s with a fictional timeline wherein Lindbergh defeats Roosevelt, has strong parallels to the insanity that we are enduring under #ImpeachedForever #IndividualOne. Highly recommended. Kudos ,#HBO . Superb Period look.”

“Tonight we are taking back America” FFS and this was before the Orange One this adaptation is fantastic eerie because parallels but fantastic #ThePlotAgainstAmerica btw he was a sympathizer and for years his wife tried to make up for it,” wrote another fan. “The election night scene in #ThePlotAgainstAmerica is a little on the nose,” another fan tweeted.

Another viewer explained, “Watching #ThePlotAgainstAmerica and it’s so damn triggering. Struggled to finish the book because it’s eery how close it is to the America we are currently living in.”

“#ThePlotAgainstAmerica is too eerily similar to 2016,” wrote in another viewer. 

‘The Plot Against America’ follows an alternate timeline of American history; A ‘what-if’ situation, had Charles Lindbergh won the 1940 elections and isolated America from the Second World War.

The show airs on HBO, Mondays at 9 pm. 

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