Sean Hannity Goes After Brian Stelter Over Upcoming Book

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Fox News host Sean Hannity continued going after CNN’s Brian Stelter tonight, after multiple swipes at him over the weekend invoking Michael Avenatti and how Stelter had taken him seriously on his CNN show Reliable Sources.

Hannity was apparently set off by Stelter making inquiries for his upcoming book.

Hannity continued Monday to take swipes at both the CNN host and Oliver Darcy, senior media reporter at CNN. He tweeted multiple times tonight mocking Stelter over his book, speculating on chapter titles like “I hate Trump,” “I hate Fox News,” and “I hate Hannity.”

Mediaite has reached out to Darcy for comment.

In his newsletter Monday night, Stelter stated that Hannity had explicitly lied in his tweets.

Stelter further responded to Hannity, stating that the Fox host had previously known about his book release:

Stelter appears to be referencing Mediaite’s holiday party, which Hannity did attend:

UPDATE — For the record, Stelter is correct that Hannity lied about when he first learned about the former’s book. The video above shows Hannity discussing it on his show more than five months ago during a segment from August 26th, 2019.

UPDATE #2 — Hannity refused to let this beef go, however, and just before midnight on Monday he linked to this article and tweeted that he “can’t stop laughing” at Stelter who “actually believes he’s relevant and important.”

However, the Fox News host notably did not address his false claim about only learning of Stelter book’s “today.”

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