Rep. Andy Levin: Trump Had Months to Address Medical Shortages

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Amid medical equipment and supply shortages, many lawmakers and members of the public are pressuring President Donald Trump to use a Cold War-era law called the Defense Production Act (DPA) to help address health care supply shortages.

It gives the executive branch broad powers to direct industrial production of necessary supplies.

The idea that we wouldn’t protect our own front line workers is insane.” — Rep. Andy Levin (D-Bloomfield Twp.)

Some experts say the decision should have been made days ago, an eternity when fighting a new virus that is infecting people at an exponential rate.

Click on the player above to hear Rep. Andy Levin (D-Bloomfield Twp.) discuss the federal response to the COVID-19 pandemic on Detroit Today.


Congressman Andy Levin is a Democrat representing Michigan’s 9th congressional district.

He has been urging the president to use the DPA to ramp up production of needed equipment and supplies. ”The idea that we wouldn’t protect our own front line workers is insane,” says Levin. “He should have done it months ago.”

Levin says the president needs to identify everything we need in three categories: testing, personal protective equipment, and treatments such a ventilators.

Only the federal government, really, has the ability to organize the response, and I just wish the president would do it,” he says.

Levin also talks about the deal struck on a massive COVID-19 stimulus package, as well as auto manufacturers’ efforts to help build new medical equipment and supplies.