Only Few Dozen Turn up to Protest Trump’s Golan Decision

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The Jerusalem Post reports: Syria’s SANA state news agency celebrated on Sunday the few dozen protesters who gathered in Druze villages in the Golan on Saturday. It claimed that they gathered Buq’ata, one of several Druze towns in the Golan. The photos published in Damascus shows some men waving Syrian regime flags and ostensibly protesting the US decision to recognize the Golan as part of Israel.

Protesters included men from Masjadl Shams, Masa’ada and Ein Qiniyye, the other major Druze towns and villages on the Golan. “They affirmed their adherence to their Syrian identity and to their homeland, and that they will remain in their lands and homes which the Israeli occupation seeks to seize by force,” Syria’s SANA claimed. “The people of the occupied Syrian Golan denounced US President Donald Trump’s declaration about the Golan, saying it is void and meaningless, and asserting that the Golan is an integral part of Syria.”

This is the Syrian regime narrative, but situation is more complex.

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