Mark Levin rips Biden for saying Trump is using pandemic to divide America

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Conservative commentator Mark Levin blasted Joe Biden after the presumptive Democratic nominee for president said President Trump is presenting people with a “false choice” between reopening the economy and staying healthy amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“Joe Biden didn’t write this, despite the fact it is more leftwing drivel. Yet, the Washington Post pretends he did and publishes it. The Biden candidacy is a lie,” Levin said of Biden’s Monday opinion article in the Washington Post. “He’s a man incapable of clear thinking. He’s a bumbling, rambling fool through whom the media and Democrats hope to defeat a president they’ve hated and tormented for years now.”

In his editorial, Biden explained how Trump is purposefully using a national public health crisis to divide people in the United States while making himself and Republicans appear as strong economic simulators and casting Democrats as negative and overly afraid of the virus.

“Instead of unifying the country to accelerate our public health response and get economic relief to those who need it, President Trump is reverting to a familiar strategy of deflecting blame and dividing Americans,” Biden said. “His goal is as obvious as it is craven: He hopes to split the country into dueling camps, casting Democrats as doomsayers hoping to keep America grounded and Republicans as freedom fighters trying to liberate the economy.”

Biden continued, “It’s a childish tactic — and a false choice that none of us should fall for.”

The former vice president said if Trump was serious about reassuring the American people during the crisis and getting the economy back on track, he would “focus on producing and distributing adequate testing and protocols that conform with the guidance of public health experts.”

“Doing so would speed up the reopening process considerably and make it a whole lot more effective,” he said.

Levin, a staunch defender of Trump and conservatives in Congress pressing state governments to speed up the reopening process, said voters should not reward Biden’s attacks on Trump.

“If the American people go along with this in November, they’ll soon regret the legal, economic, and cultural tyranny they’ve helped unleash against themselves,” he said. “And our foreign enemies, like China, Iran, and Russia, will be thrilled as they exploit the inevitable appeasement of Democrat Party and its media cheerleaders.”