Mark Levin claims Democrats rooting for ruined US economy and Trump failure

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Conservative firebrand Mark Levin accused congressional Democrats of purposefully trying to tank the American economy during the coronavirus pandemic in an effort to retake control of the country.

“And the Democrats will know this will come to an end, and they don’t give a damn if the economy sinks,” Levin said on his radio program Tuesday. “You wanna know why? Think about it. Cause they consider themselves winning no matter what. Trump will be defeated in their minds. They’ll be able to nationalize industries. They’ll be able to take over corporate board rooms. … They’ll be able to do everything.

America is in trouble, Levin said, “and the Democrats believe there is opportunity. This Democrat party is a diabolical, evil party.”

Senate Democrats twice rejected a bill from Republicans aimed at providing economic relief for people affected by the outbreak of the coronavirus. They argued that the proposal does not put enough money in the hands of working Americans and that it left open the possibility of large companies mismanaging funds given by the federal government.

A vote on a new stimulus package is expected Tuesday.

Millions of Americans have been put out of work as a growing number of states have shuttered bars, restaurants, and other nonessential businesses in an attempt to curb the spread of the virus.

More than 46,800 U.S. citizens have contracted the coronavirus, leading to 600 deaths.

President Trump said this week that he hopes to have people return to work in a matter of weeks and tweeted that ” the cure cannot be worse than the problem itself.”

Levin called Trump “careful” and prudential” in the use of his power, including the intention to enact the Defense Protection Act, a measure that eliminates red tape to streamline the process of producing goods in a time of crisis.

“Look at these members of Congress,” Levin contrasted. “They are boobs.”