Mark Levin Calls Out Nancy Pelosi: ‘Radical Authoritarian’

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Nationally syndicated radio talk show host, TV host, author and American lawyer Mark Levin (Screenshot)

In a Facebook Note posted on Jan 23, 2019, nationally syndicated radio talk show host of “The Mark Levin Show,” TV host of Fox News “Life, Liberty & Levin,” author and American lawyer Mark Levin called out Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, calling her a “radical authoritarian.”

“Nancy Pelosi, radical authoritarian… ,” Mark Levin wrote as the headline for his Facebook Note, suggesting that “[i]t is Pelosi, not Trump, who is the authoritarian.”

Mark Levin’s remarks came on Wednesday after Speaker Nancy Pelosi responded to President Trump’s letter about his intentions to “honor the Speaker’s original invitation, made in a Jan. 3 letter, to deliver his State of the Union Address in the chamber of the House of Representatives on Tuesday, Jan. 29,” reported “Pelosi quickly responded with a letter to Trump. It said: No you won’t.”

Levin said the following about the tension between Speaker Pelosi and President Donald Trump:

“Although Pelosi was elected as one of 435 members of the House, representing only San Francisco, she climbed her way to the top of leadership only to hijack the government appropriations process and shutdown part of the government; block the president from delivering the State of the Union address in the House for the first time ever; and, obstruct border security to protect the American citizenry and immigrants alike and uphold national sovereignty. It is Pelosi, not Trump, who is the authoritarian.”