Make American Straight Again is weaponizing releagion

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Happy Pride month Orlando here comes the Make America Straight Again rally set for this weekend just a couple of days away from the three year anniversary of the Pulse nightclub shootings. The three-day event is being hosted by Pastor Patrick Boyle of the Revival Baptist Church of Orlando and in his interviews, he looks harmless enough but don’t be fooled, he and the speakers he has brought to Central Florida are beyond radical.

Yep, this group of hate mongers use religion as a weapon and are in town to promote their extreme homophobic views in the same area where 49 people died at a gay nightclub three years ago.

Let’s begin with preacher Steven Anderson, who made national news for celebrating the Pulse shootings as soon as it happened because there were “50 less pedophiles in this world.” He added that he’s “not gonna sit here and cry about it and say it’s a tragedy, because it’s not.” He’s also said if he could push a button and kill every homosexual, he would “push it until it breaks.”

The group is small but dangerous and they have taken the name of the New Independent Fundamentalist Baptists. I know many people who are Baptists and I am sure this group would not be welcome to Sunday services.

Rev. Boyle was forced to hire private security for the event while you can bet the local police will be watching every aspect of this bizarre get together.

Let me be clear, I am a huge First Amendment guy, I fought my entire professional career to protect the rights of people to speak freely even if what they say makes my skin crawl. But when the crew behind the “Make America Straight Again,” craziness are not exercising free speech, they are using their “religion,” to advocate the wiping off the earth of gay peiple and by they they aren’t to friendly to women either.