Locked-down France inches toward ‘Black Friday’ postponement

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France’s economy minister, Bruno Le Maire, was working to get agreement from the e-commerce sector and supermarket chains to delay “Black Friday” by a week to Dec. 4, by which time real-world stores might have emerged from lockdown.

Le Maire’s ministry said supermarket operators and e-commerce sites are looking “favorably” at a possible postponement, “in a spirit of responsibility.”

More talks were scheduled for Friday afternoon, “with a view to finalizing an agreement,” the ministry said.

The director of Amazon France, Frederic Duval, told France Info radio on Friday before the meeting that the e-commerce distributor is ready to sign up to a delay.

The focus on “Black Friday” is part of what has become a wider debate in France about the lopsided effects of lockdowns, with businesses deemed “nonessential” forced to close while some big distributors and e-commerce sites have thrived as consumers have shopped online instead.

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