Last call for Fort Street Galley food hall, set to close abruptly today

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After a little more than a yearlong run with frequent vendor turnover and a rebranding bid, Fort Street Galley in downtown Detroit is closing abruptly.

The last day for the high-end food hall, which opened to much fanfare in December 2018, is today.

“There were various factors that led to this difficult outcome, among them the decision to scale back our operations nationwide and focus energy on our flagship locations in Pittsburgh & Minneapolis,” Chad Ellingboe, the company’s vice president of operations, said in an email to Crain’s. “We greatly appreciate the support from our guests and the community during our time in Detroit, perhaps most memorably the chance to feature Detroit-style pizza out of state. Wishing our Detroit family the very best.”

The Pittsburgh-based food hall was intended to feature a rotation of restaurateurs dishing out fast-casual fare with a large bar at the center of communal-style seating. The company said it spent $2 million to open the 8,646-square-foot hall in the Bedrock LLC-owned Federal Reserve Building at 160 W. Fort St.

Fort Street Galley aimed to be a lunch spot for downtown workers while also tapping into the night crowd. However, problems surfaced soon after opening — most noticeably, food stalls vacating before the yearlong tenure sweet spot envisioned by the company.

The popular Lucky’s Noble BBQ in October became the third to leave the hall. A few months prior, the company tried rebranding its bar to attract more nightlife.

While the concept seems to play well in Pittsburgh and Minnesota, it never stuck in Detroit, or elsewhere. The company’s Cleveland location will be closing nearly in tandem with the Detroit hall, according to a report by the Detroit Free Press. Its Chicago location closed last year after only five months.