Kida the Great Debuts New Collection With True Religion

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Dancer and entertainer Kida The Great teamed up with True Religion on a limited-edition capsule collection, True Religion X Kida The Great, which relies on streetwear influences.
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Kida The Great came full circle with his newest limited capsule collection with True Religion, which debuted last Thursday.

Reminiscing about his family purchasing True Religion when he was younger, Kida said his brother always had the True Religion set from top to bottom. Now that set can read True Religion X Kida The Great.

“I remember when we used to always go to the mall and then get it all the time, so the fact that this can come full circle and I can just collab and have something of my own in a brand that we always used to wear is amazing,” the choreographer and dancer said.

The TR X Kida collection features matching sweat sets, T-shirts and sweat shorts. The unique color schemes include brown, white and pink, and black—the latter being Kida’s personal favorite.

“My No. 1 favorite would have to be the all-black long sleeve,” Kida said. “The colorway is just appealing there. That’s the one I think is going to go crazy.”

Kida, whose real name is Leon Burns, described the unisex collection as “streetwear” and “urban.” The clothing features Kida’s motto, “Be Great,” prominently on each piece, along with the cities of Sacramento and Los Angeles—places Kida holds dear.

“[‘Be Great’ is] the symbol of everything. That’s what I live by. That’s what my family lives by,” Kida said. “It’s just you being the best you can be. I’ve been living by that motto for a very long time.”

Not only was working with True Religion a dream come true for Kida, but he said the brand was able to open up his imagination and bring his idea to life. True Religion echoed his sentiments in a press release by saying, “As True Religion’s brand pillars are built on embracing individuals who are shaping the culture of today, it’s no question why Kida The Great was the perfect fit for this collaboration.”

“I never would’ve thought in a million years that I would be doing this, but I just can’t wait for the world to see it because I know they’re going to love it,” Kida said prior to the release of the collection.

Kida’s goal was to make the clothing comfortable and added that he didn’t want to “try too hard” instead just giving the current generation what they like in graphic tees and long-sleeve shirts.

“Me, when I dance, I love something that’s on my arms as well, so I want to be comfortable at all times, whether I’m dancing, whether I’m chilling,” Kida said.

The collection came together over a few months with the two sides bouncing around ideas. After meeting together a few times, True Religion brought out the first few pieces, which Kida said he was ready to drop right then and there since he was so excited with the outcome.

“All this means to me is all my hard work paid off and I know this is just the beginning,” Kida said. “This is the beginning to something that’s going to go even crazier.”

The collection is being sold exclusively online at and ranges from $69 to $139 in sizes S to XXL.

“It’s definitely life changing because when you put something like this out it’s like, ‘Wow, we made it happen,’” Kida said. “Like I said, it’s only the beginning. The Great, we’re taking it to whole new levels. We’re going to go up from here.”

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