Just wait; GOP will get ‘religion’ again | Letters To Editor

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An open letter to North Carolina’s GOP congressional delegation:

Now that you have voted to acquit the president for his unlawful attempt to extort a foreign power to interfere in our nation’s upcoming election and now that you have approved the abdication of the Article 1 branch of government’s power of oversight, I write to inquire how soon after the election of a Democratic president will you become …

  • “Born-again constitutionalists?”
  • “Born-again fiscal conservatives?”
  • “Born-again champions for the rule of law?”
  • “Born-again defenders of the congressional power of oversight?
  • “Born-again national security hawks?”

At one time I could at least respect (some of) you for your conservative “principles,” but your only obvious “principle” now is giving unlimited power, without any accountability, to your king. I am certain that once the tables are turned, however, we should all prepare for cognitive whiplash as you quickly and miraculously become “born-again patriots.”