Ivanka Trump, Unironically: I Got My Moral Compass From My Dad

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Like many of the most terrible people in history, Donald Trump should never have been allowed to reproduce. Nevertheless, he has famously spawned numerous children, each of whom has inherited some of his specific traits. Don Jr. got his dad’s IQ. Eric got his head for numbers. Tiffany got use of his last name. Barron got tacit acknowledgement that they’re related. And what gift did he bestow upon Ivanka? The answer may surprise you:

At a mid-August fundraiser in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Ivanka Trump was asked to name the personality traits she inherited most from her parents. Without much of a pause, Trump told the crowd of roughly 120 high-end donors that her mother gave her an example of how to be a powerful, successful woman. And her father? He passed onto her his moral compass, she said, according to two event attendees.

Unsurprisingly, Ivanka was mocked in every corner of the internet for this answer, but to be fair to the president’s favorite child, she’s not wrong! Father and daughter do share a similar sense of right and wrong. Trump has:

While Ivanka has:

  • Used the office of the presidency to enrich herself;

  • Seemingly broken the law;

  • Defended her father against charges of racism after he said objectively racist things;

  • Tried to distract people with shiny objects every time her father has done something terrible

  • Lied, lied, paused for a hair cut, and lied some more.

Sure, she still has a little way to go before the student becomes the master, but if anyone’s a chip off the ole block, it’s this one.

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