Hannity praises Barr intervention in Stone case: ‘I am cautiously optimistic that real justice will be done’

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Sean Hannity weighed in Friday on former Trump associate Roger Stone, Attorney General William Barr and former acting FBI director Andrew McCabe, saying that “justice” is on the line in this country.

“We now see that the corruption at the highest levels of government … unequal justice, a lack of equal application of our laws, equal justice under the law, a two-tiered justice system operated by a group of, again, the one percent [of] lawless, vindictive, evil government officials,” Hannity said on his television program. “All of this is on the line in this country and it matters how it turns out.”


Hannity contrasted Stone and McCabe and the different ways both men were treated.

“McCabe lied over and over again, and we proved that. He was fired by the DOJ for his lying and the department’s Inspector General recommended him for federal prosecution, writing, ‘McCabe lacked candor on multiple occasions. Three of those occasions involve his testimony under oath.’ And that’s not all,” Hannity said. “McCabe even admitted he lied to the FBI. But Andrew McCabe is facing no charges whatsoever.”

“But if you’re Stone and you lie to Congress, they want to put you away for, oh, nine years,” Hannity said. “By the way, the median time spent in prison for rape is four years and two months. Murder, just a little over 13 years. Yeah, that’s real.”

The host also celebrated Barr’s decision to assign an outside prosecutor to review the case of former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

“We learned today that Barr ordered outside prosecutors to review the case of Lieutenant General Michael Flynn. Thank God,” Hannity said before adding that Barr was sending “messages.”


“When Barr stepped in and stopped the prosecutorial abuse on Roger Stone, that was huge,” he said. “That case needs to be vacated completely. As we now know, the jury foreperson had a political agenda. I am cautiously optimistic that real justice will be done. And it seems like the decks are being cleared. Looks like a five-alarm fire happening at the Justice Department.”