Graham: Trump ‘Unnerving People’ Is Part of the Reason for Growing Impeachment Support

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During an interview with Fox News Radio on Friday, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-SC) stated that he thinks part of the reason support for impeaching President Trump has grown is because “the president’s unnerving people by his actions.” He added that while the shift in polling is mostly due to increased enthusiasm among Democrats, “independents are beginning to bleed against the president.”

Graham said, “I think part of it is that the president’s unnerving people by his actions. I think the whole Syria thing goes into the calculation that maybe he’s losing control over the situation in Syria. I don’t think that helps him in terms of being seen as a competent, capable leader. What did Clinton do during impeachment? He governed. He dealt with the Congress. We passed legislation while he was being impeached. My advice for President Trump is, govern the country. These numbers are shifting mainly because Democrats are more enthused than they were before. But independents are beginning to bleed against the president.”

Graham continued, “I think a guy like Trey Gowdy can remind the American people that what’s going on in the House is not fair. The American people, if they’re anything, they’re fair. I don’t think most Americans would like to be tried by an anonymous source. So, what Trey has to do, and I have to do, is convince the American people that if it’s really as bad as the House says, why don’t they vote? If they’re not willing to vote, this is not right.”

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