Giordano on Fox News: ‘The crystal ball is working’

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Dom Called It: Fox News Infighting Over Trump Coverage Continues To Rear Its Ugly Head

On Friday, Dom shined light on the infighting at Fox News after the news broke of the impeachment inquiry into Trump’s dealings with Ukraine, predicting that the addition of Paul Ryan to Fox News’s board would cause more anti-Trump angles to persist on the news channel. This weekend, Mark Levin grew very irritated with Fox News host Ed Henry after he repeatedly questioned Levin on whether he approves of Donald Trump’s actions. Levin, frustrated with incredibly pointed questions, finally lashed out on Henry and pointed towards the lack of coverage of Hunter Biden’s shady dealings with Ukraine, and their seeming refusal to find more information on the whistleblower. Also, Pastor Robert Jeffress is receiving a lot of flak after he alluded to a ‘civil war’ if Trump is removed from office. Dom disagrees with the sentiment around the comments made by Jeffress, and plays the original clip to set the record straight.

College Enrollment Declines Continue: Is College Still Worth The Investment?

Today, reports surfaced that college enrollment continues to decline and colleges are trying to adjust to the tapering amount of students. Dom points to the ridiculous high price of a college education as a reason, but ponders if there are other reasons for the decline. Also, Dom asks listeners whether or not a college education is still ‘worth it’.

Elizabeth Warren Thinks Amnesty For Illegal Immigrants Would Be ‘Good’ For Workers

Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren, while speaking to a crowd at a town hall with the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) union, said she would offer amnesty to all illegal aliens living in the country. Warren said, “We need a path — not just for DREAMers — but also a path for grandmas, and for little kids, and for people who came here to work on farms, and for students who overstayed their visas. We need a path that is fair and achievable. Bring people out of the shadows. It is good for all workers, and we need to get them into our unions.” Dom argues that an influx of this many non-certified workers would drive competition way up and ultimately hurt American workers. Also, Dom talks about Robert De Niro who, while appearing on Brian Stelter’s CNN program, laid into Trump and dropped a couple F-bombs when asked about his critics.