Fox News Host Calls Leftist Democrats ‘Greatest Threat To Our Constitution And Economic System’

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Fox News host Mark Levin didn’t hold back during an appearance Thursday on the network’s primetime show, Hannity

Levin, who hosts Life, Liberty & Levin on the network, appeared in a segment where he and the show’s host, Sean Hannity, discussed the Democratic party and the “radical” changes that some party members hope to accomplish in the United States.

The segment began with a series of clips featuring 2020 presidential candidates Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Beto O’Rouke and Pete Buttigieg, as well as Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi discussing topics such as changing the number of Supreme Court Justices and how they are appointed, lowering the voting age to 16 and the removal of the Electoral College in favor of allowing the popular vote to elect the country’s president.

Recapping the topics covered in the clip show, Hannity asked Levin for his opinion.

“Look, the greatest threat to our constitution and economic system isn’t any foreign power, it’s the Democrat party,” Levin said after making a joke about why he’s opposed to legalizing pot. “It’s the leftists within the Democrat party, because they use our liberty and our constitution to destroy our liberty and our Constitution, and they’re very good at it.”

Levin went on to discuss the Electoral College, asking why he needs to explain the “importance” of it to people “who are running for president of the United States.”

“We have an Electoral College that keeps peace in this nation,” Levin said after explaining the College as outlined by the framers of the Constitution. “We have a farm belt that’s less populated than urban areas, we have an energy sector that’s less populated than urban areas. We don’t want to be ruled by New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago. We all should have a role in this, we are a republic. We are not a democracy, we are not a mobocracy. What you see here, these aren’t people running under the Democrat party, they are running under the mob party.” 

“They are absolute illiterates when it comes to the Constitution,” Levin said, citing the need for an amendment to the constitution to remove the Electoral College — and the likelihood that more than 13 states would decline the move to keep an amendment from being added.

Levin then addressed the proposed changed to the Supreme Court, saying that Democrats were hoping “to fix the outcome of elections, they want to fix the outcome of court decisions. This is a very good banana republic of the Democrat party.”

Levin also discussed lowering the voting age and “allowing illegal immigrants to vote” saying that the concepts “indoctrinate” teenagers and immigrants to vote as Democrats.

“Every decision they make, or everything they espouse is about power. Controlling power,” Levin said. “Do you think if we had a million illegal immigrants coming across the border and 75 percent of them one day become United States citizens who would vote Republican, do you think they would want to secure the southern border? You bet they would, they would have sniper towers all over the place. They don’t want Republicans coming in to this country.”

After railing against Democratic policies such as national health care, nationalized energy, wealth taxes, free college, abortion and eliminating ICE, as well as impeaching the president, Levin thanked President Donald Trump for his efforts in Israel before he concluded his segment saying, “This is a sick party. These are sick people running for president of the United States. There is no other explanation for this.”