Fake News on Trump Comments

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Fake News on Trump Comments

Most of the Indian Press is highlighting tweet by Rep Andy Levin, a Democrat from Michigan 9th Congressional district which has a sizeable Muslim population “I hope the President’s “good conversations” about Jammu and Kashmir included urging India to respect human rights. The United States must be on the side of justice.” He is hoping but doesn’t know the facts. In fact, President Trump only mentioned his discussions with Indian and Pakistani PM separately, when PM Modi informed President Trump about rising rhetoric in the region. He was referring to tweetstorm by Imran Khan who seemed to be facing an ideological and political crisis at home. The fact is, Pakistani PM tried to blackmail the US on Afghanistan support to which Trump referred it to the State Department. Trump had a plain conversation in which he laid out repercussions for Pakistan in terms of aid and international curbs through US-controlled agencies.

The tweet by Rep Andy Levin is attached below:

The US has so far desisted in interfering in India’s internal decision on Article 370 because they know the real problem in Kashmir.

GOP or the Republican party of US is a pro-India lobby which directly supports Indian actions in Kashmir especially related to protecting Indian interests. Pakistan was also warned to avoid support to Taliban terrorists who undermine peace in Afghanistan. It depends on Pakistani leadership to decipher the message from the US. US and India stand firmly against all religion-inspired terrorism either in Kashmir or in Afghanistan. Democrats are completely occupied by the Islamist first time reps such as Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib.

Trump mocked Imran when he asked, “Pakistan doesn’t lie, right” to which Imran Khan replied, “Of course Pakistan never lies”. That was a sarcastic comment by President Trump to Imran Khan. The connotation to that comment was,” I hope Pakistan doesn’t lie this time”. Osama was found in a Garrison near Rawalpindi, that fact hasn’t gone away from the minds of American leadership. In another comment, President Trump added, “Pakistan could have done a lot earlier, but they missed the opportunity.” That was again a classical use of American sarcasm which was obviously lost on the Pakistani PM.

American Leadership recognizes that India is at a totally different level than any other country because of a track record of responsible leadership. PM Modi is respected as a decisive leader which every American politician other than a few Middle eastern funded politicians. The US has so far desisted in interfering in India’s internal decision on Article 370 because they know the real problem in Kashmir.

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