Elizabeth Warren Renews Call to Throw Barr Out on His Corrupt Ass

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As you may have heard, over the last 24 hours Attorney General William Barr has made it clear that, moving forward, he’ll be doing Donald Trump’s dirty work right out in the open, no longer finding it necessary to even give the appearance of an independent Justice Department. Thus far, that new MO has involved removing a U.S. attorney from her post for failure to exact revenge on Trump foe Andrew McCabe, the DOJ intervening to change the sentencing recommendation for former national security adviser Mike Flynn from six months in jail to no time whatsoever, and changing the sentencing recommendation of longtime Trump pal Roger Stone from upward of nine years to something much more palatable for the convicted criminal. Barr’s involvement has struck many as downright shocking and terrifying, and while the president apparently believes the Attorney General’s recent moves have well-deserved promotion written all over them, Elizabeth Warren has something slightly different in mind.

Writing on Twitter, the presidential candidate renewed her previous calls for Barr to have his lackey ass handed to him. “Donald Trump is shredding the rule of law in this country,” she said. “His AG overruled career prosecutors to reduce the sentence for his buddy Roger Stone after Stone committed crimes to protect him. Every Republican who voted to acquit Trump for his corrupt actions enabled and owns this. Donald Trump can continue his corrupt rampages and vendettas because elected Republicans do nothing. They lack the courage and backbone shown by four career prosecutors who stepped down rather than facilitate the Attorney General’s corrupt scheme. But we are not powerless. Congress must act immediately to rein in our lawless Attorney General. Barr should resign or face impeachment. And Congress should use spending power to defund the AG’s authority to interfere with anything that affects Trump, his friends, or his elections.”

Referencing her plan to, instead of letting bygones be bygones, go after every criminal act committed by Team Trump, Warren noted that she is “the only candidate to propose an independent DOJ task force to investigate crimes by Trump administration officials. Every Democratic candidate must commit to it—so Trump officials know they will be held accountable by career prosecutors once he is out of office.”

This isn‘t the first time Bill “The president can instruct staffers to lie to prosecutors and it’s fine” Barr has faced calls to resign since being confirmed last Valentine’s Day. In May, Warren and other Democrats demanded he pack up his desk and GTFO over his handling of the Mueller report, where in the Attorney General tried to suggest to the American public that the Special Counsel had fully exonerated the president, which of course wasn’t the case at all. As of last December, Barr was still trying his hardest to undermine the report, creating an alternative narrative that his own agency said doesn‘t exist and insisting Trump’s “civil liberties” had been violated as a result of the investigation.

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Senate moving forward with bill to childproof the presidency

Not in terms of, like, rampant abuse and mass corruption, but at least when it comes to bombing other countries without getting permission first:

Eight Republicans joined with Democrats in the Senate Wednesday to move forward with a vote on a resolution aimed at restricting President Donald Trump’s authority to take military action against Iran without congressional approval. The resolution, introduced by Democratic Senator Tim Kaine, would bar U.S. troops from engaging in hostilities against Iran or any part of its government or military, unless Congress declared war or specifically authorized the use of military force. The measure is expected to get a final vote Thursday. Kaine introduced his measure in early January shortly after a U.S. strike that killed Iranian General Qassem Soleimani near the Baghdad airport. Soleimani oversaw Iranian proxy forces operating in the region. His death was cheered by both parties in Congress but some Democrats raised concerns over the legal justification for the strike.