Daniel Krauthammer on Late Father’s New Book: ‘I Wanted the World to Know How Wonderful He Was’

Daniel Krauthammer, son of the late political theorist, columnist and great friend of Fox News Charles Krauthammer, spoke to Bret Baier on Monday about his father’s life and a new book of his past writings and speeches released this month.

Krauthammer said that his father was in progress on the book, “The Point of It All: A Lifetime of Great Loves and Endeavors” when his 2017 health crisis struck.

He said his father asked him to finish the book after his health deteriorated over the summer.

Baier noted that Charles Krauthammer is deeply missed by himself, the Fox team and Fox News viewers — and pointed out that Daniel was sitting in the exact seat his father held for many years on the “All-Star Panel.”

“It’s the right place to [be],” Krauthammer said.

Krauthammer said his “number one priority” since his father’s death has been to finish the book, on which he is credited as the “editor.”

He said he included the eulogy he gave at his father’s funeral as an epilogue of sorts in the back of the book.

“[My father’s] thinking and his clarity were so apparent,” he said to Baier. “I wanted the world to know how wonderful he was.”

Krauthammer also reflected on the death of President George H.W. Bush, noting that he recently read his father’s November 1992 column — published just after then-Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton (D) defeated Bush — about how the president would be remembered fondly by history for doing the “two things” he was destined to complete.

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He remarked how, although the article was 26 years old, it could have been written today without much being changed.

“History called him to do two things — close out the Cold War and thwart the ambitions of a reckless tyrant [Saddam Hussein] in the Persian Gulf,” Charles wrote in the column.

Daniel Krauthammer told Baier how much he loved his father and cherished his childhood with him and his mother Robin.

“I never wanted for anything,” he said.

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