Congressmen accuse Liberty U of restricting student free speech

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WASHINGTON (RNS) — In a letter to Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, two Democratic congressmen are accusing Liberty University of enacting “extreme restrictions on student free speech” that go against a recent White House executive order designed to protect freedom of expression on college campuses. The lawmakers allege that DeVos’ department has failed to secure “free inquiry” at the school.

The allegations were part of a three-page letter sent to DeVos’ office on Monday (Oct. 7) by Reps. Andy Levin of Michigan and Jamie Raskin of Maryland. They accused DeVos and the Department of Education of acting to “restrict the free expression of ideas at the Department of Education and in institutions of higher education across the country.”

Raskin and Levin pointed to reports of the department barring employees from accessing the website of an organization critical of the department’s policies, but also pointed out a dissonance with an executive order signed in March by President Donald Trump that was touted as an attempt to protect free speech at colleges.