Champagne cocktail recipes to add a twist to your New Year’s Eve celebration

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(Mass Appeal) – New Year’s is the biggest night for champagne consumption. What about changing up your standard New Year’s toast with a cocktail that has champagne as an ingredient? Jessie-Sierra Ross from the blog, Straight To The Hips Baby, is here to tell us how.

Fresh Grapefruit Aperol Spritz

Makes one generous cocktail

4 ounces Prosecco or Champagne
3 ounces Aperol
2 ounces fresh squeezed pink grapefruit juice
1 ounce soda water
1/2 teaspoon simple syrup
grapefruit slices for garnish


Fill a large wine glass with ice.
Layer in the champagne, Aperol, and grapefruit juice.
Add the simple syrup and soda. Mix gently.
Garnish with grapefruit slices, edible flowers, or citrus twists.

Elderflower Champagne Cocktail

Makes one generous cocktail
4 ounces semi-sweet champagne don’t break the bank on a bottle – we are using it as a mixer
1 ounce St~Germain Elderflower Liqueur
1/2 teaspoon fresh lemon juice
fresh lemon peel without pith
fresh sweet basil optional
edible flowers optional


Quickly chill a champagne flute or wine glass in the freezer.
Juice a quarter of a lemon and cut several thin slivers of peel. Reserve.
Fill a cocktail shaker with ice and pour in the St. Germain and lemon juice. Give a quick shake to chill.
Retrieve your chilled glass and pour in the contents of the shaker.
Top the St~Germain & lemon juice mix with 4 ounces of champagne.
Garnish with the lemon peel, edible flowers, or slightly bruised basil leaf for a fantastic herbaceous variation.