Ina Garten's

Source Link Ina's back with a brand new season next month. "Barefoot Contessa: Cook Like A Pro" returns to Food Network on Sunday, Oct. 27 at noon ET/PT.


Source Link grilled pork on pot. Food Images · dinner · quezon city · Shayda Torabi · flat-lay photography of assorted-variety of stir fried and vegetable foods.

Keep food safety in mind in your kitchen

Source Link Meal prep safety tips Refrigerator temperature. Store food at the proper temperatures. Keep your refrigerator at 40 degrees or below and your freezer at 0 degrees or below. Cool foods quickly. To prevent…

Food safety checks and balances | 2019-09-16

Source Link KANSAS CITY — While meat and poultry slaughterers and processors are always looking for ways to make their plants and products safe, they must embrace at least two approaches to accomplish these goals. They…