Biden Defeating Trump a Matter of ‘Life or Death’

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Friday on “TMZ Live,” former presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg said the Democratic Party has to unify behind former Vice President Joe Biden because defeating President Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election is a matter of “life or death” in light of his administration’s coronavirus response.

Host Harvey Levin asked, “Are you worried that Bernie Sanders supporters are not going to support Joe Biden?”

Buttigieg said, “That why it is so important to remember what is at stake here. Saying you are not going to vote for Joe Biden is saying you are not going to vote for higher minimum wage. It’s saying you are not going to vote for an expansion of health care in this country. It’s saying you are not going to vote for real action on climate change. Look, I get that we each are passionately committed to our candidate. I was passionately committed to me being the nominee until I saw it was time to step aside.”

“But the distance between us between even the most different of the Democratic contenders and the president we have right now —who by the way right now is responsible for keeping the American people safe and it’s not happening,” he continued. “This is literally life and death. And we have got to come to moment we put all that behind us and come together.”

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