Amazon Prime Day best sellers from 18 countries around the world

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Prime Day 2019 took place on July 15-16 for a full 48 hours.

We spent the days sifting through the hundreds of thousands of deals to find the best ones to share with you, our readers. While the event may be over, you can still snag some residual deals over the next few days.

Whether you got all you need this Prime Day or didn’t shop at all, it’s fun to look back on the event and see which products, out of the millions sold, stood out. Prime Day deals were shopped in 18 countries around the world, by shoppers with all different needs and desires. We’re sharing the best-selling Prime Day purchases from 18 different countries.

Keep reading to find what deals Prime shoppers from Mexico, Japan, Australia and more loved most:

For reference, some deals we were unable to access and share with you from the Amazon US Site. You’ll see those noted with “n/a” and we’ve provided alternatives if you’d like similar products. Additionally, some products are listed in different currencies, to reflect their real price on their original Amazon site.